Home BUSINESS NEWS Transport Heathrow pledges more flights to Scottish airports

Bosses at Heathrow Airport are to have review of their airport charges to boost air links to Scotland.

They say Scottish firms are losing out to rivals based near London due to the limited air travel to and from Scotland.

Over the last decade the number of daily flight from Scotland to Heathrow has fallen sharply.

This is in part because companies make the most money from long-haul flights and with Heathrow full to capacity airlines use their landing slots for the most lucrative journeys.

With demand for air travel on the increase there are plans for an extra runway in the south east of England.
The Airports Commission, headed by Sir Howard Davies, is due to issue its final recommendation to the government in the summer.

There are three options on the table, a new runway for Heathrow, a new runway for Gatwick, or the extension of an existing runway at Heathrow.

Heathrow’s bosses are to consult on changed airport charges in a bid to make routes to Scotland more attractive, and say the new pricing should be in place next January.

They are also to work on establishing new flights from Heathrow to Scottish airports it does not currently serve.

It is hoped that this will bring a long-term boost to Scotland’s economy, worth billions of pounds.

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