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Multiple platforms Gone are the days when STV’s content was viewed solely via the number 3 button on the TV remote. Not only do viewers now watch their favourite STV programmes when it suits them but they increasingly view them on an array of platforms and simultaneously enjoy multiple media experiences, particularly online, whilst viewing television. And this will only grow as tablets grow in popularity.

So, we’ve set out to create and deliver great content across multiple platforms, which means we’re strengthening our connections with our audiences and our advertisers. We call this STV Anywhere and it has driven the thinking behind our development of STV +1, STV HD, STV.TV, STV Player (our award winning catch up service) both online and on Playstation, STV Local (our innovative emerging network of hyper-local websites across Scotland), the STV channel on YouTube and our Apple iPhone and Android news apps.

The biggest audience All of these add up to a more connected, more committed and larger viewing audience for our content and your advertising. And it continues to consolidate our delivery of by far the largest commercial audience in Scotland, with over four million TV viewers; that’s 93% of Scotland’s population - over half of whom regularly enjoy our content on our growing array of digital platforms.

This website will show you how to reach, impactfully and cost effectively, your core audience with a greater degree of targeting than ever before.

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